The Last Librarian (2017 - 2019)

Four game screenshots including: forest ruins, ice mountain, ravine, and mountain city.

The Last Librarian is an action-adventure puzzle game, with a focus on dungeons, story, and world-building. The game was published on December 14th, 2019, and it was the first game project I brought to completion. It was over 1,400 hours of total work, including design, writing, programming, artwork, sound, and music. While the game was developed primarily as a solo project, I also collaborated with a few others, who contributed some artwork, story concepts, and sound effects. My wonderful alpha-testing team provided feedback throughout development.

I worked on every step of the development process, starting with an idea and working to design, implement, and test each gameplay system and level. My particular focus with this project was level design and world-building. I created eight dungeon levels, designed to challenge the players' navigation skills and spatial reasoning. The overworld has a more open-world design, allowing the players to explore freely, while maintaining a satisfying sense of progression.

Jen_Scripts (2018, 2020)

Four screenshots of procedurally generated terrain, including islands, dungeon maze, cave, and a field with boulders.

Jen_scripts is a GameMaker Language (GML) library designed for procedural terrain generation. I implemented a vast selection of algorithms that are used to manipulate level data stored in a grid. The library includes support for most common terrain generation techniques, including heightmaps, cellular automata, wandering paths, maze generation, flood-fill, and geometric shapes. Furthermore, terrain data can be stored, copied, and combined, allowing for easy integration of hand-crafted content into the procedurally generated level.

For this project, I wrote documentation for over 60 functions, including explanations and example code. I was able to develop complex code that is user-friendly, easy to implement, and reliable. Jen_scripts can be effectively used as a procedural terrain prototyping tool, as well as a basis for complex projects involving procedural content generation, such as my own Daughter of Dreams.

Game Jams (2017 - Present)

A collage of screenshots of game jam entries.

Game jams are a way I frequently test ideas and practice with styles of games I am unfamiliar with. I have participated in over 10 different game jams, most often the Gamemaker Community Jams which are 3-4 days long. I try to pick a new genre to work with each time, so I have now worked on a huge variety of different types of games, though to varying success. This includes Twin-Stick Shooter, SHMUP, Roguelike, Adventure, Platformer, Tower Defense, Point and Click, Puzzle, Sandbox, and Visual Novel. Often I participate with teams of 2-3 people, usually taking a lead design or programming role. On some projects, I did music or sound design instead. The link in the title directs to a complete list of every game jam I've participated in, as well as a download link for each one.

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