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Hello! My name is Jonathan Hacker. I am an independent game developer and a current undergraduate student. I am studying computer science, and liberal arts at Seattle Pacific University. I have grown up with a passion for designing games. As a kid I would draw maps on big sheets of paper, create my own levels with in-game editors, or make up new rules for board games. Eventually I taught myself to program so that I could realize my ideas fully.

My projects are made using GameMaker, on my own or with small teams. For creating assets I also use Aesprite, Audacity, FL Studio, and other development tools. I also have experience with Unity, (Certification) though I do not yet have any professional projects using Unity.

Daughter of Dreams (2020 - Present)

Design, Programming, Art, Music, Audio
Four images: A lake, a bridge, an NPC, and a graveyard.

My current project, still in development. Daughter of Dreams is a tactical RPG game with strategic turn-based combat, an epic fantasy story, and an ever-changing procedurally generated world. This is the most technically challenging project I have worked on, due to the procedural generation and elaborate turn-based combat system. I am currently working on adding enough content to produce a demo, with a release goal of March 2023.

Tile Trial! (2021 - 2022)

Design, Programming, Art, Audio
Four images: Tile Trial title screen, A 6x6 puzzle board, a solved 4x4 puzzle board with edges, and a puzzle options menu.

Tile Trial! is a two-player cooperative online puzzle game for Windows 10 and Linux. A pair of friends can connect in a match together, and cooperate to solve a customizable grid-based jigsaw puzzle. This project was challenging to develop due to the inclusion of multiplayer. This project is was developed in a team of three for my Computer Science capstone requirement.

Exodus (2020 - 2021)

Four images: A window with a shattered planet, a library, a row of statues, a starry scene with magic symbols.

A sci-fi point-and-click adventure game. I did the programming for this game, according to the design of another person who did the artwork and writing. To aid the collaborative process, I also developed robust debugging tools and informational overlays, so that the designer could easily provide feedback for me to implement. I also managed a large number of different assets, so that they could be implemented into the game and quickly updated when necessary.

The Last Librarian (2017 - 2019)

Design, Programming, Art, Music, Audio
Four images: A ruins with lasers, a clay city, a desert, a swamp.

An adventure puzzle game, published on December 14th, 2019. This was the first public game project I brought all the way to completion. It was primarily a solo project, and I did the design, programming, writing, audio, and most of the art. My focus for this project was level design, and I created eight Zelda-style dungeons designed to challenge the players' navigation skills and spatial reasoning.

Jen Scripts (2018, 2020)

Design, Programming, Art
Four images: Showcasing a variety of terrain.

A library for GameMaker Studio 2, designed for rapidly developing procedurally generated content. I implemented support for many common techniques, including heightmaps, cellular automata, wandering paths, maze generation, flood-fill, and geometric shapes. Data can be stored, copied, and combined, allowing for easy integration of hand-crafted content into the procedurally generated level. I also wrote complete documentation, including explanations and example code.

This project was initially released in 2018. It received a major update in 2020.

Game Jams (2017 - Present)

Four images: A few games including Wastoid Rodney, The Faults in our Code, FAZIL, and Spellscriber.

I regularly participate in game jams to test ideas and practice developing styles of games I am unfamiliar with. I try to pick a new genre to try each time, and by now I have participated in over 10 different game jams and as many different genres. For game jams I often participate with teams of 2-3 people, usually performing a design or programming role. The link above shows all my game jams and a download link for each of them. My most successful jam games are Wastoid Rodney and FAZIL.

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