June 13, 2023

Daughter of Dreams Beta Announcement


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My latest big project is finally in public beta! Daughter of Dreams is an epic fantasy tactical RPG with an ever-changing world. The first chapter is available for free, on Windows and Linux. But, the rest of the details are on the game page. Instead, I will write a few personal thoughts.

Daughter of Dreams was originally conceived as a puzzle-adventure game in the same style as my previous game, The Last Librarian. It would have been more of the same. Yet, the last three years have transformed it into something entirely unexpected and special to me. Strategic turn-based combat created a fresh amalgam of genres. Procedural generation expanded exploration, making old areas new.

Finally, Daughter of Dreams is a personal reflection on my own deconstruction of supremacist institutional religion. It is a story that I hope resonates with people that have similar religious trauma. And, it is an exploration of where to go next. There is Another Way, one that lies comfortable with the nuance of reality, and rejoices in the magical. This magic is why Daughter of Dreams is a fantasy game, a space to explore what Could Be...

However, Daughter of Dreams is far from finished. There will be three more chapters, with the most poignant moments yet to come. The next step will be preparing for a crowdfunding campaign, launching later this year. In the meantime, Play the Game, join the Discord Server, and subscribe on YouTube. This game cannot exist without your support! <3

- Cloaked Games