October 02, 2019

[Progress Update] Starting the Development Blog

I have been working on The Last Librarian for almost two years now, but I am finally close to finished. Early access starts October 19th, and the full release will be only a short few months after that. There is still more work to do, of course, but in the meantime, I am beginning early design work for my next major title, Daughter of Dreams. For that, I am starting this development blog.

I have begun this blog for two primary reasons. The first is to fulfill my own personal desire to share what I'm working with, in a long-form. I am very excited about Daughter of Dreams so I'm hoping to let out that excitement just a little bit by writing about it here. Additionally, as this project is aiming to be a capstone project for my college education, I am using this blog to help document the development process and record some information so that I can write about it in detail later. In that regard, I hope this blog will be useful to other people as well, as I share about my design process and systems implemented in Daughter of Dreams and future projects.

I am not quite ready to announce exactly what Daughter of Dreams will end up being, as I need to get The Last Librarian into early access first. But I will say that I am ecstatic to finally begin development on this project. It has been in the back of my mind for almost as long as I was making The Last Librarian. It is incredibly ambitious and technically complicated, and I think will provide a game experience that is unique, or at least very rare in the game industry.

Maybe this is all just to hype you all up--or myself--for what is coming next. At any rate, as I no longer have design work to do for The Last Librarian, I have officially started the design document for Daughter of Dreams. I am attempting to design the entire game system on paper before I start actual prototyping. I believe it will be necessary to do so for the complexity of this project. I already have several pages detailing a physics/chemistry engine borrowing concepts from Breath of the Wild, and some brainstorming for the primary story and game lore.

I look forward to writing more about Daughter of Dreams in the future. Thanks for reading!

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